Complete dinosaur skeleton discovered in Chongqing

Photo shows archaeologists cleaning the dinosaur's fossil. (Photo by Chinanews/Meng Huan)
Recently, a complete dinosaur skeleton was found and will soon be unearthed in the suburb of Qijiang County in Chongqing. Archaeologists primarily identified it as a Sauropod, dinosaur and it would be the first such fossil unearthed in this area.

Chongqing is called "a city built on dinosaur's backs," and fossils' of dinosaurs are found in most of the 40 regions of Chongqing Municipality, which has an area of 82,000 square kilometers.

Qijiang is one of the regions in Chongqing where dinosaurs' tracks and fossils were found. In 2003, scientists found the largest set of dinosaur footprints group belonging to the middle Cretaceous period in China's southwest area in a stone cave at Qijiang.

Story credit: Peoples Daily