Cyber War: A fierce battle across the internet

Cyber warfare is engaged in a fierce battle across the global network. The group calling itself Anonymous has disabled multiple corporations’ websites. The latest attack, the Visa website.  The group made the site inaccessible to customers. The latest attack also showed the inadequate protection from MasterCard protecting credit card numbers. The group posted valid credit card numbers on the web. The group is launching operation payback in response to the censorship of Wikileaks. Twitter has banned the account of an Anonymous member who posted the card numbers. Facebook has also banned the groups Facebook page.
Anonymous had vowed to take revenge on any organization that lined up against WikiLeaks. The group claimed responsibility for at least the Mastercard attack, and, according to one activist associated with the group, was conducting multiple other attacks.
The hacker army has rallied around the theory that all the actions against the organization and against Mr. Assange, including the rape accusations, are politically motivated efforts to silence those challenging authority.
PostFinance, the Swiss postal system’s financial arm, which closed Mr. Assange’s account after saying he provided false information by saying that he resided in Switzerland, was also under attack Wednesday. Marc Andrey, a spokesman for PostFinance, said that the company had been under serious assault, “an overload organized by friends of WikiLeaks we think,” since Monday evening. The attack blocked the Web site for several hours, and it remains unstable, he said. The company has taken active security measures and is bracing itself for another battle.