Cyber warfare Wikileaks supporters strike back

The internet is now in a new era of cyber warfare. Massive DDOS (Denial-of-service) attacks are being fought. Earlier today, the Swiss bank Switzerland Post Finance (a bank associated with the Swiss post office) had frozen Julian Assange's bank account for his defense fund.
As NYT reports, their site has now been taken offline, and a group calling itself Operation Payback on Twitter claims credit for the DDOS attack.
The downing of the website,, was announced on the anonymous hackers’ Twitter account. The tactics are similar to those used against Wikileaks, as reported on the  Wikileaks’ Twitter account November 30th.
Now a counter DDOS attack has been launched against the website, which launched the attack against the Swiss bank.
Reports also claim the group took down the Paypal service for a brief moment.