Howard Stern blames Sarah Palin calls her a loon

Source Howard
While they were on the topic of public figures blindly dedicated to the Republican agenda, Howard thought a graphic on Sarah Palin’s Website shared some of the blame for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: “[Palin] lists Congresspeople who are against guns...each person on the map here--like for example, here’s her name: Gabrielle Giffords. These are people ‘in the crosshairs.’ And you can see there’s a big giant scope.” [Don’t bother trying to see this for yourself, this content has been taken off her Website]
Gary shook his head at the graphic’s sub-head: “It says, ‘Don’t retreat. Reload.’” Howard loved the irony: “I like when Sarah Palin gets all upset with David Letterman, ‘David Letterman said something about my daughter!’” Howard thought she needed to be stronger: “This woman wants to be President of the United States? If she becomes President of the United States, we’re  fucked. She’s a loon. She’s about as credible as the golden-voiced homeless guy.”