3 dead as security forces open fire on Syrian protesters

At least three protesters were killed Sunday when security forces and secret police raided the town of Jableh on Syria's western coast and fired at demonstrators without warning, according to an eyewitness and demonstrator.
Security forces surrounded a mosque that was being used to treat the wounded, preventing 18 seriously wounded people from being taken to a hospital, according to a doctor inside.
Snipers posted on the rooftops fired rifles indiscriminately around the mosque, causing the hundred demonstrators and medical personnel inside to fear they would be shot in the dark, the doctor said.
The doctor, who asked not to be identified, said he believes the Syrian regime is now targeting him because "they heard my voice on Al Jazeera and they know me now and anytime the Syrian regime finds out about someone they do their best to make them disappear."
The makeshift hospital inside the mosque has no supplies to treat wounds other than cotton balls and gauze, he said.
Security forces did allow one gravely wounded patient to be taken away to a hospital, but the doctor said the man was "passing towards death."