Phone Hacking Scandal Andy Hayman Loses His Temper During a Simple Question

Andy Hayman, who led the investigation into phone hacking at the News of the World in 2006, reacting angrily when asked whether he had ever accepted money from the media.
After being asked if he had accepted payment, the laughable Hayman said:

"Good God. Absolutely not. I can't believe you suggested that" - before saying that the question was an 'attack on his integrity.'

The outburst came as the former Met Police assistant commissioner appeared before the Home Affairs Select Committee, which was holding a session on how the police handled its inquiries into activities at the newspaper.

Keith Vaz summed up how everyone was feeling when saying:

"Mr Hayman, I normally sum up peoples evidence, but on this occasion, I think your evidence speaks for itself."

Thanks to the BBC.