N. Korea threatens to destroy loudspeakers

North Korea has threatened to destroy South Korea's
loudspeakers along the border because of the South's plan for anti-Pyongyang broadcasts, officials say.

The North did not say when it would act, but said the action could eventually turn Seoul into a "sea of flame."

The South "should bear in mind that the military retaliation of (North Korea) is a merciless strike foreseeing even the turn of Seoul, the stronghold of the group of traitors, into a sea of flame," the North's General Staff warned in a statement, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported.The loudspeakers were installed in 11 places along the demilitarized zone in retaliation for the March 26 sinking of a South Korean warship, which Seoul blames on North Korea, Yonhap said.

North Korea denies it had anything to do with the sinking.