Baby Survives Removal of Parasitic Twin

Screenshot from YouTube
A Nepalese deformed baby named Rishabh Ghimire who had parasitic twin attached to him undertook a ground-breaking operation earlier this year and got his body back, the British Sun reported Wednesday.

 The eight-limbed baby, nicknamed “Octoboy,” was born in January, 2009, with a huge stomach in which he carried an unborn twin with two arms and legs. Called a “parasitic twin,” this rare condition is believed to have taken place when twins did not fully separate in their mother’s womb leaving the body clinging to its host sibling.
The fetus was on the verge of death because his twin was threatening his life, putting a deadly strain on his heart.

A five-hour intensive separation was successfully completed, with the shoulders and arms removed from the baby’s body, just leaving intestine and legs. His parents, after the large-scale surgery, expressed heartfelt gratitude toward the doctor and said “the only person that could do this is God himself.”

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UPDATE:  March 4, 2013 Parasitic Twin – The Eight Limbed Boy Deepak