UFO over Gold Coast, Australia. June 5, 2010 - VIDEO BELOW

Witness statement: I was on the beach, at the water's edge and looked to the west to see a beautiful, bright moon. Except it wasn't the moon! It was a bright light moving slowly east, towards me and surrounded by a swirling mist. The mist rotated clockwise around the bright, white light and followed it perfectly.

The light moved slowly across the sky (directly above the Coolangatta Airport) and remained silent the whole time. It disappeared in the east (seemingly disappearing into a cloud!). This UFO was witnessed by many people on the East Coast of Australia and at this stage in time has been dismissed as being space junk. See for yourself.

It was NOT the ISS (Space Station) according to it's orbit information and time. It MAY HAVE BEEN the X-37B as it's orbit passed over Australia.