Great White Sharks 50 yards from the beach. "Experts say there is no cause for alarm".

(Southern California Beaches)
Yep you read it right, "NO CAUSE FOR ALARM" I wonder if these experts would like to go swimming in the waters with these sharks? It makes you wonder who these experts are? We all remember the mayor from the movie Jaws "Mayor Larry Vaughn" it didn't work out so well for some of the swimmers on his beaches.
"Mayor Larry Vaughn"
Anyway back to reality. Here's the Shark warning..
Lifeguards are urging caution after half a dozen great white shark sightings have been reported along the Southern California coast, but experts downplayed the risk of attacks on humans, saying there is no cause for alarm.
San Diego lifeguards issued a warning for two miles of coastline from La Jolla Cove to Scripps Pier, lifeguards spotted a shark's 20-inch dorsal fin sticking out of the water about 50 yards from the beach.
I'm no shark expert, but I recommend you keep your families out of the water for a few days, "just in-case" it's better to be safe then sorry.