Pastor kills puppy by slicing his throat "It was so gruesome, Men of God don't do cruel things like that."

Christy Rose of Finley and her children, Jared, 10, and Vanessa, 6, play with their 6-month-old puppy Demon on Thursday. The family’s other puppy, Jack, who was Demon’s littermate, was killed over the weekend by their neighbor.(Photo credit Tri-City Herald)
Finley, Wash. -The Tri-City Herald reports David Rea (Pastor of Tri-Cities Baptist Church) killed one of his neighbor's two Siberian huskies puppies when he found the dog killing livestock in his chicken pen.
A church pastor says he did slash the throat of a puppy that was attacking his chickens, but neighbors are outraged because this is the second time this year he has been responsible for the death of a dog.
On New Year's Eve 2009, he shot a 10-year-old black Labrador that cut across the corner of his property while walking off-leash with her owner, Bob Fortman.
Charo was about 100 feet away from Fortman when Rea shot her. Rea told the media at the time that he had been having problems with stray dogs getting into his garbage and growling at his kids and didn't realize Charo was a neighbor's dog.
Charo was hit in both hind legs, shattering her right tibia and left femur and had to be euthanized.
Christy Rose the owner of the puppy said
"It was so gruesome," Christy Rose the ownwer of the puppy said. "He claims to be a man of God, but I don't understand that. Men of God don't do cruel things like that."Neighbors, however, say the problem is with Rea. They call his actions out of line and say they fear for their family pets.
"It's just a horrible feeling to have that thought that my dog could get out ..." John Schoenberg said, trailing off as he looked at two of his four dogs sleeping on his lap. He lives two doors down. "I don't want to deal with that."
JoAnn Fortman said she knows Rea has a right to protect his property, but the problem is with the way he's done it.
"I tried to find forgiveness but he's just caused so much pain and heartache and it just keeps getting worse," she said. "I've worked really hard to forgive him and now I just want him gone. Enough is enough."