Presidential Airspace Violated: F-15 Fighter Jets shakes Seattle to Intercept Intruder Plane.

Seattle, Wash - Sonic Booms in Seattle Caused by F-15 Fighter Jets Due to Presidential Airspace Violation. The intruder aircraft didn't stand a chance if it had bad intentions.The two jets flew at supersonic speed and as a result created sonic booms that rocked Seattle for some time.
Some thought that it was an earthquake, Others said that it was like a giant stomping his feet on the ground it seemed as the whole world shook. The subject of the Presidential Airspace Restiction Violation was a Cessna 180 float plane which breached the presidential no-fly zone. Apparently the pilot and the passenger of the aircraft were in the dark about the President’s visit and also about the airspace restrictions.No charges were filed against the pilot who made the mistake.
Cessna 180 float plane
Residents outside the Seattle area also reported a half a dozen jets in the air at the time of the airspace violation. It was a very impressive sight one man stated.
No comment from NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense) on how many jets were really scrambled.