UFO Over South Carolina

A Simpsonville man says he has proof there's something in outer space, we can't explain.
"Just here on the porch, chilling out, and there it was!"
"I don't think it was anything of this world, I really don't."
Jawad Ashy shot the video, that has a lot of people talking.
Jawad Ashy - "I went from oh wow, I'm excited. To oh wow, I'm kinda weirded out, to oh wow, I'm a little scared!"
Ashy says he spotted something Sunday night that even modern science can't explain, but maybe his camera could....
Ashy -"It's not a saucer, not an airplane.."
It's a blue blob bouncing across the sky. Ashy is convinced it's a UFO.
Ashy - "At first I was like wow this is pretty cool, and then when it would get big at times, I was like oh no, it's seen us, it's coming to get us!"