A Unidentified Phenomenon North of Roussillon France

Roussillon, France - The network of aerial observations of the Catalan "UFO 66" reported Sunday that the presence of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (PAN), north of the Catalan region. Saturday, September 11 at 21.10, above the hamlet of Perillos, two witnesses saw a "bright meteor like object," white "extremely rapid and intense" and "very high magnitude". This object, "the apparent size of Venus" and quiet, would have traversed the sky in just three seconds at the speed of a fighter plane in the east-west axis of the International Space Station (ISS), which He was witnessed less than two minutes later. The strange phenomenon, which was traveling at low altitude and included two changes of light intensity, was seen at  80 ° above the horizon. UFO 66 seeks to find a rational explanation for this Phenomenon .
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