A 20-year-old Mexican woman has been appointed chief of the police force

Marisol Valles Garcia (Center)

As drugs-related violence in Mexico continues at a staggering pace, in one municipality where seasoned professionals have failed to provide security a 20-year-old student has been appointed as chief of the police force.
Marisol Valles Garcia was sworn in on Wednesday as head of a small police team in Praxeids G Guerrero, one of the most dangerous towns close to the US border, near El Paso in Texas.
However, she will have to juggle the role with other commitments, having yet to complete her degree in criminology in the neighbouring city of Ciudad Juarez, the centre of much of the cartel-related violence, and being the mother of an infant son.
Valles Garcia's team consists of 13 agents, including nine women, with one patrol car, three automatic rifles and a pistol at their disposal. Praxeids, situated in Chihuahua, Mexico's most violent state, has a population of 8,500 people.