Dr. Jeffery Meldrum talks Bigfoot

Dr. Jeffery Meldrum said he doesn't take on faith that Sasquatch is real but based on the body of evidence he has examined, he does think the creature exists. Meldrum is an Associate Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology in the biology department at Idaho State University. Meldrum also said he's traveled around the world to study Sasquatch.
He said one of his more interesting travels was for a documentary for the History Channel to the Hubei province in China.
He said China has legends of a creature called the Yerin, which translates into "wild man" and has a similar description to Sasquatch.
He said they met with a park ranger who claimed to have seen a Yerin.
Meldrum said, "The ranger was patrolling the park and spied at several hundred yards, a reddish brown hair covered figure sprawled on a boulder in the sun in the morning hours.Read more@IdahoStateUniversity

Footnote: Dr. Jeffery Meldrum will be @ the Texas Bigfoot Conference in Tyler, Texas, October 30, 2010, 4:15 pm – 5:00 pm: – If you plan to go you might get there early,  Dr:  Meldrum conferences have been known to attract a lot of people. (I know this from experiencing one of his lectures)