Fox News Story: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer claiming 9-11 Commission A Sham

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer claims 911 Commission a whitewash. It was lies from top to bottom.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer
Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer published his memoirs as the book Operation Dark Heart. The Defense Department attempted to preserve secrecy of revelations made by the book, by buying up and destroying all 10,000 copies of the book's first, uncensored run, before allowing for the release of a second, censored printing. However, several uncensored pre-release copies were distributed, allowing a person in possession of an earlier copy to compare it to the redacted version to glean what the government considers unfit for public consumption.
Lt. Col. Shaffer currently serves as the Reserve G6 Assistant Chief of Staff, Communications and Technology of an Army Reserve division. He is also a senior advisor to multiple organizations on terrorism and counterinsurgency issues and a member of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum.

Pentagon destroys thousands of copies of Army officer's memoir.