International scientists to search for Bigfoot

The Shennongjia Nature Reserve in China's Hubei Province, where Yeren/Bigfoot sightings were reported

Chinese researchers have called on international scientists to collaborate on a new expedition in search of the country's mysterious Bigfoot.

Locally known as the 'Yeren' or 'wild man', the half-man, half-ape Bigfoot has been spotted by more than 400 people in a remote, mountainous area of the central province of Hubei.

The Hubei Wild Man Research Association has invited volunteers from around the world to join them on another expedition to find the Yeren.

"We want the team members to be devoted, as there will be a lot a hard work in the process," vice president of the group Luo Baosheng told Xinhua.

Explorers found hair, a footprint, excrement and a sleeping nest in the 1970s and 1980s, which they said could have belonged to the Yeren.

Witnesses describe Yeren as creature over 2 meters tall that walks upright and has grey, red or black hair all over its body.

The Hubei Wild Man Research Association is negotiating with companies and different organizations to raise nearly USD 1.50 million in funding.