Russia will fan UFO tourism

The so-called Perm triangle is the area where most UFO sightings have been seen, the local government intends to turn the region into a sanctuary of the paranormal.
The area of Perm in Russia, located along in the foothills of the Urals, has a worldwide reputation for the high number of UFO sightings, so fans of this phenomena as well as local authorities insist on calling the area: "anomalous zone." In addition, experts in the subject claim that there also exceeds the average of EVP and strong variations of electromagnetic fields.

Although each year there are various conventions and events that visitors seek a meeting with extraterrestrials. Perm authorities seek to transform the area into a tourist meeting point for fans of the paranormal, so they will enable roads and highways, as well as the entire industry and promote tourism to Perm as recognized as the sanctuary of the paranormal.

The bill was introduced in 2008 and required an investment of five million dollars(Russian currency), involved in the construction will be a museum dedicated to UFOs, an observatory with a dome-shaped like a flying saucer, a tourist camp and even a giant statue of an alien.