Bed Bugs Travel Coast to Coast in U.S. - Washington State Reports Infestations

Washington State USA - It's a part of New York nobody wants. It is a tiny, wingless, bloodsucking insect that likes to travel.

Bedbugs are showing up around the Mid-Columbia, according to pest specialists and state and county officials.

So far the problem doesn't compare with New York City, where infestations are popping up in buildings all over the city.

But it's enough of a problem to give local exterminators more business and to make Pacific Northwest National Laboratory warn its employees about the globe-trotting critters.

An adult bedbug is reddish-brown and about the size of an apple seed. They only bite humans -- and only at night. They feed for three to 10 minutes, often leaving behind a spot of blood on sheets or pillowcases. The bites also can be itchy.

Officials say the insects seem to be hitch-hiking around the country with travelers. They often are found in hotel rooms and on planes and furniture.