CCTV: Morgue workers dragged body like bag of trash

Morgue workers dragged Ropell McBeth's body down the stairs and tossed it into van like bag of trash
A shocking video captured two callous city workers hauling the corpse of a Bronx man like he was a "bag of trash" - even dragging the body down a cement staircase.

The disturbing security camera footage is at the center of a suit filed by Ropell McBeth's sister against the medical examiner's office.

She says her 54-year-old brother, a formerly homeless schizophrenic, endured "incredible hardship" before he died at an assisted-living facility this year.

"He was mistreated in life, and humiliated by these men in death," Sandy McBeth-Tuitt, 52, told the Daily News.

"They treated my brother like he wasn't even a person, but garbage. They should be ashamed of themselves."
The five-minute video shows two mortuary technicians dragging the body bag out of the fourth-floor apartment, dropping it twice in the hallway.

They pulled the 190-pound load onto an elevator. When they emerged, one peered around a corner as if to see if anyone was looking.

Then the duo dragged McBeth down the hall and out of the building door, sliding him down a flight of stairs.

Finally, after struggling to lift the bag, they roughly swung it into their van.