Meteor sighting in Chorley, UK

A Chorley man has reported seeing a ‘fast-moving bright meteor' on Monday evening as sightings were reported throughout the UK.
Some witnesses said the meteor had a "massive tail" amid darkened skies at around 5.30pm.
The 29-year-old accounts worker, from Brinscall, who did not wish to be named, said: "It was a bright blue-ish colour moving lightning fast over the moors over Brinscall and seem to be descending towards Chorley.
"It ws a fast moving streak of light and was heading west.”
Very small objects can glow bright during meteor showers, with even a fragment the size of a grain of sand can produce the 'shooting stars' effect sometimes seen.
Sightings were reported at a similar time as far away as Edinburgh and Kiddernminster.

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