Massacre in Tunisia and the World Ignores it - The Revolution is being Tweeted.

Source of this: YouTube User TunisianChannel 

This video shows the cruelty of the Tunisian regime. Unarmed civilians were shot dead in a very violent way. Is this the reply to peaceful protests?

This video was filmed inside the Kassrine Regional Hospital showing tens of dead/injured civilians. It shows clearly that the Tunisian regime does not care about the life of its citizens and ready to shoot everyone without hesitation. We ask everyone to react and do as much as they can to prevent more killing and help the Tunisian people in these very difficult moments where the world is turning blind on them especially the so called "human rights" countries.

The government is forcing a media blackout so they can execute their massacre and provide only an official distorted story of the events. Tunisian civil society is trying to take over and report using new media. Please spread the word, ask the media in your country to expose these acts. Send a letter to your local MP to express your concerns.

UPDATE: Reports are some Twitter accounts have been hacked and the Regime is mis-informing the world with faults tweets. 

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 Students assemble themselves to spell out in Arabic, "No to Murder":